Thursday, January 1, 2009

What does $ mean to you

We all go so hard day in and day out to make a living. With that being said is it money that makes people happy? I hear people say all the time if I hit the lotto I would be set for life. Yeah that might be true but like Biggie said more money more problems. If money is what is related to true happiness why is that the rich people are the ones overdosing or committing suicide.

Its no the cold hard cash that makes one happy. Its the comfort level that it comes with. The thought of not having to live check 2 check. Buying things you want instead of things u can afford. Taking care of your family, showering your love ones with gifts, living out your childhood dreams. That's about all money can bring you.

Money can't bring you true love, or true friendship. If you are already rich when you meet someone how will you ever know if they love you for you or your money. Money doesn't guarantee health. Doesn't bring you a true best friend, or lover. Money might cause more fake friendships than anything else. Money can honestly make ones life more difficult than you can believe. You have to fish out the real from the fake. Money can also bring envy and hate. People might want to harm you to get what you have. If money is surrounded by so much negativity then why is it the main focus of so many peoples life.

What role does money play in your life. What would you change to be rich. People sometimes say they wish they were born rich. Do you? If so you would have different parents, a different lifestyle, different friends would you trade it all to be rich?


JOFre$h said...

Money definitely means a lot if not everything in this world we live in today. Mostly everything we measure in life comes in monetary form. We attend School, Work odd jobs, risk freedom with hustles, surround ourselves with right connections all for that mighty dollar. On the other hand Money can't buy happiness but its a good jump start. Without money in this day and age your pretty much dead. Money provides shelter,clothing,chances to go places and all that other jazz can also reduce stress and all that. However on the flipside if you've alway had money you wouldnt understand the opposite side of the spectrum, myself I come from a some what middle class background, never starving, also never rich though. Money means a lot to me especially with the baby on the way, owning a crib and all the other American Dream things I would like to obtain. However as for friends and family love I would never trade money or the chance of having money if it meant turning my back on my loved ones.

Che Che said...

i couldnt have said it better myself Jordan. money may be the root of all evil but without it you wont get by in this society. i, 2, come from your average middle class family and i am surrounded with people i love dearly and who i can truly say care for me and i know if i was born rich i couldnt honestly say that. i would be stuck wondering day to day if the people around me would be there if all the money were to be gone and thats not a feeling i would ever want to feel

marika said...

Money means a lot of course, only because living life is so it hurts to do without. But if material things werent so glorified in the mass media people wouldnt rob, steal and scheme. To live extravagantly! I try to purchase my neccessities, material things dont fulfill my longings anymore, theres more to life than being flashy. Personally speaking as a young woman who has seen thousands of benjamins come and doesnt make me happy!!!! the more i get, the more i want. I can never be satisfied, i spend it faster than i make it. Being "fly" is overrated! people claim they cakey and still live with their moms, still take the train, still askin their mans can they hold sumthing (smh)....our priorities are tainted...we have no real goals in life! Everyone wanna be a millionaire for free! nothing worth having in life is easily attained....Of course i will always have a stash for a rainy day....but money is meant to be spent...what if u die tomorrow??? you cant be buried with that bread, so i just live life for me...not worry about other peoples funds...cus i kno when im broke theres always someone out there doing worst than be grateful for every all happens for a reason right?

JOY said...

1) the LOVE of money is the root of all evil..not money itself

2) with money also comes more taxes, more money u have to give to the government...more money more problems.