Saturday, January 3, 2009


I stole this quote off of my homegirl's away message. "Isn't it Ironic? We ignore who adores us, adore who ignores us, love who hurts us, & hurt who loves us".............. I was gonna write a whole blog on it but it is self explanatory. My question to you is why do we push away the person who might be right under our nose and perfect for us to chase after Mr. Wrong or Mrs. Wrong? Feedback please


JOFre$h said...

We always want what we cant have

JOY said...

Another perspective: you know how everything in a relationship starts off good in the beginning then coming towards the end,things start to get rocky? Well that's what happens. we fall in love with all the good times then when the bad stuff happens we tend to hold on and fight for the relationship hoping it would get back to how it used to be ( in the beginning) we then become BLINDED and can't see the good in others we only see us working on our bad relationship so we just suck it up and take in all the bad stuff hoping that one day the good aspects of our used to be relationship will come back.Eventually we come to our senses then we realize Mr.Right who was under our nose, adoring us the entire time BUT now he has moved on.... that's the cycle of many relationships.

100K said...

thrill of the chase. human nature always wants whats bad anyway