Friday, January 9, 2009

J.O Fre$h aka brother from another

Henz$ is my right hand man since I could remember. Besides my brothers I must say he is the closest homie I got, I know the nigga like the back of my hand. When my son enrolled in college upstate I looked at it as a chance for me 2 explore a new territory, meet new people etc. Basically it became a home away from home. During the time of me making these trips I realized why Henz had so much fun during his bid upstate. My son was rooming wit one of the realist niggas I ever met, Mr. JO Fre$h.

If you know me then you know I'm not really open minded to making friends with males but the homie J.O reminded me of myself. My dude is a down 2 earth nigga. Sarcastic and mad funny. But the reason me and the homie got so cool wit each other is that we both share that serious side and the grind of a mexican (lol dats aint a racist joke either.... Its just facts I respect them I never saw ne other work as hard as them). We know the difference between the serious side of life and the time 2 kick back. My son is a hard working dude on the grind. 2009 is gonna be a year like no other for my nigga. . Between the new career on the way and Baby-Fre$h coming soon its gonna be a rough year for the boy. Hopefully when he get lost along the way he already know he can holla the boy Webb for some words of wisdom. I normally don't extend my love out 2 dudes but dats a nigga I called my brother.


Che Che said...

aaww that was 2 sweet lil webby lol...nah but i respect u for that. 09 is gonna b a hard year for the both of yall but like i told u n JO on many occassions I know yall are going to be okay because yall are hardworking individuals and know when to have fun and when its time to be focused.

while doing my "bid" upstate I encountered some really true individuals who I am proud to call friends and the 3 of you fit into that category. lol ok enuff with the sappy shit lol

JOFre$h said...

Never expected you'd write a blog about me son, I appreciate it from the heart. Me and Henz was cool like 2002 and in 04 when I met you and reem I was like ya some cool dudes so when you came up to coby to visit niggas just closer since henz used to always leave niggas to fend for ourselves (LOL). I can Honestly say you and Henz are like family to a dude now we had some wild escapades shared laughs good times bad times etc but the next chapter of our lives is looking even better. Love you boy!