Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drunken Nights

I must say in my times of kicking it with the homies I had some good times. Between the parties, chilling on the block, in the crib playing video games or just simply passing time niggas had a lot of rough nights. Alot of those rough nights can be blame on the influence of alcohol. A lot of nights that wavey juice got the best of niggas. Sometimes niggas would "Rick Ross it" ( push the limit). After a real rough nights you hear the same shit everyone says when they wake up with that hang over " I'm never drinking again". That only last until the next time the homies are all 2gether and are ready to get wavey all over again. No words can explain this so I had to post some pics.


JOFre$h said...

LMAO words cant explain all the damage we done did in our days lol

Shari said...

LOL webb plz- ur damage CANNOT compare to mine- no if, ands or butts lolll

Webb-the-man said...

Idk shari u might of had more episodes but maybe not as crazy. The only sad thing is we never had a video camera 2 relive some of the many nights