Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why do ppl front so hard?

Sometimes I sit back and just listen to people as they speak. It could be my own friends, random people I come across commuting to work or partying. Now a days even when you turn on the television you can't escape it. What is it that I'm talking about you wonder, that would be people fronting so hard. People get so caught up in there lies that maybe even they start to believe it. Sometimes its hard to separate the real from the fake.

Most of the fronting is based on cross gender relationships. Sad to say but more men are responsible for this than the women. Guys go so hard to empress girls that they write checks there ass can't cash. It must stem from all the rap songs that talk bout $ or swagg. ( Wayne -Got $, T.I. - Swagger like us, Ron Brows- Pop champagne) I can continue but you get the picture. Dudes want chicks to believe that they balling. How bout you tell the truth asshole. Isn't it easily to tell a chick you doing aight for urself and keep it like that, rather than living a lie until she finds out your a fraud.

Sorry ladies I ain't letting yall get off that easy. How about the girls who love Ne-yo's "miss independent" but can't do shit on there own. Yall go out and spend all your time shopping, getting nice dresses and shoes for the club but can't afford to get in. I mean if $20 is to much for you to party in the city your broke ass down belong in the club. I have seen girls come 2 the club looking super fly and ready to party until the bouncer says $20 ladies..... Lol.... They make a B-line back home. Or they try to become my friend like is this your party how much can we all get in for.... I respond " $20 BITCH" lol. Only reason that I put that on blast is becuz, I hate when girls criticize a guys, clothes, jewelry, car etc. When they don't possess anything. Quick to call a dude broke, but left there house with $20.

I personally never had tolerance for the phony people. If you can't keep a promise or always the person that got the line " something popped up" I can't fuck with you. In my book that means your a bullshitter. If you used to speak often then suddenly lost contact, it might be cuz your a joker. I guess this will be my job in 09 I'm calling people's bluff. Might be a dirty job but somebody has got to do it. Will you take on the duty of pressing these jokers when you know they lying? Or will you continue to let them get away?


JOFre$h said...

Good stuff as usual webb. Hmmm weaving out the real from the fake has been an age long problem, however I wish you luck with this task.

Everyday Jane Dope. said...

lmao at "dirty job but someone has to do it"
I feel you yo, women and men front equally.
Totally unnecessary.
Lmao at every song praising woman suddenly becoming the new hood bitch anthem. Single Ladies, Miss Independent, Im a Diva....Bitch you're a yamp.
I'd be the first to admit that I am far from independent. Shit i'm in school full-time thats a free pass. I will be mooching off my mom so long as she allows it and her insurance covers me!
What I do tell dudes however is that although my pockets are currently not on overflow, my POTENTIAL is astronomical and through the roof!

Columbia '09, fuck wit me!
Great blog Webby.

100K said...

true story.

and Jane Dope, you aint NEVER lie about these songs being hood anthems. it's ridiculous. especially from a marketing standpoint how theym ake shit to appeal to the female demographic and most cant tell the difference between real/fake