Thursday, January 29, 2009

J.W.B. Ent

From a young age I have been what you can call the popular kid. As I got older and started hitting the party scene, I always wondered what would happen if I threw my own party. I wondered if it would be a success or a flop, but I never had the nerve to throw one. After years of promoting for friends & family, I figured I would get out there on my own. I joined forces with two of the coolest dudes you could meet, Jevon & Burns. Together we are J.W.B Ent.

We came up with the idea of throwing a party together because all three of us are pretty popular with completely different crowds. After we decided to join forces we came up with the idea of 8.8.08. Clubs thought it was a game when we said all we need is us three to sell ot the club. We got turned down by a few clubs, others offered us a deal but at a high cost. We decided we would put all our eggs in one basket and give it a shot. We went hard with promotion, ticket sales etc. To make sure we get a crazy turn out. We got one of the livest dj's in the city my son Dj Icey to hold us down. All we had to do was wait it out. As 8.8.08 came we sold that f*cking club out. 2 floors of people jam packed all due 2 the love us 3 niggas receive.
After the party, we came out ok especially since it was our first party. The club owner instantly jumped on the bandwagon, gave niggas a couple of free parties and discount rates. We got to that point all through grinding. We kicked off about 15 parties from summer to now, 08 was great but 09 we about 2 shine. We got the first party of the year kicking off feb 13th @ guesthouse with many more to follow. We gonna have this shit popping b4 the year is over.

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