Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Favorite Season of the year

I must say every season of the year is special. All the seasons have pro and cons but what season of the year is the best? Every season is fine by me but I'm gonna break down the good and the bad of each.

Winter- hopefully you are a person who can weather the storm. The cold during the winter can be brutal. Some love the cold as much as penguins, the play sports, travel, hike etc. For most normal people (lol) we tend to stay indoors during the winter. The winter is the best time to get some good sleep. Tuck yourself underneath the covers and sleep like a bear. If I didn't work outside winter could possibly be my favorite season. ( Being outside for 8 hours a day in the winter time is no joke). On the other hand I love winter clothing, the different styles of jackets, boots and sweat shirts. Winter is also boo season or cuffing season so dats a super bonus. Lay up on them cold nights and steal some body :-D. If you focusing on staying warm and inside less chances of getting into trouble... Crime drops in the winter.

Spring- this is the time when people don't know how to act. Dying for the 1st warm day so they can bust out the short pants and put away the big snorkel. Spring is great though because you kno once u hit mid april that the chances of snow or super cold days are over. So your temp ranges from 40's to low 80's so you have the option to wear what you want and go where you want. You can wear anything from shorts to a light jacket without being umcomfortable. Spring is the beginning of BIKE SEASON.

Summer- summer is the season of beauty. Flowers, gardens, the beach etc. I'm not gonna lie I hate it when the temperature is in the 90's because that is way 2 hot but anything below that is just fine. All the sexy ladies come out showing skin, dudes that wanna holla @ chicks all day love the summer. You can meet women without going 2 the club you can simply go outside. The summer clothes might be some of the flashiest clothes of the year, but I personally don't get dressed til after the sun drops. I don't like to sweat in my clothes. This season is great but can be brutal for a dude like me who once again works outside. Minus the chance of a heat wave and summer would be the best season of the year. Official BIKE season.

Fall- fall is a bittersweet season. Its a break from the crazy heat but also a rude awakening that the winter is coming. This season is when the common cold is on the rise. You can go outside and it be 80 degrees one day and 30 suttin the next. The good thing about this season is is that you can mix the wordrobe up and have different styles from day to day.

If I was forced to choose one season to be my favorite I guess I would have to pick summer. What would your pick be.


JOFre$h said...

I don't have a favorite season anymore. AS a kid of course my two favorites were Winter and Summer. Winter because Christmas time and summer because we had a big summer break. But Now I can't even tell the seasons anymore it all just seems to flow as one. I do love summer though, wavy nights on the block, staying out to 3-4 in the morning, clubbing all that is dope.

Che Che said...

i would have to say spring because i like being able to go outside and not encounter pure heat or pure brutal cold. i also like the face of wearing the pretty spring jackets and having the option of working jeans or skirts or dresses comfortably.

summer is ok but those heat waves are no jokes. its even worse when u just get out the shower thinking your going to be good and you start sweating automatically smh.

as for winter, i think thats a season for guys. i personally dont like it because i hate wearing big jackets and having to put leggings on under jeans and all the other crap.

all in all spring is pretty much the one time you can be comfortable at all times. you can go out with a short sleeve shirt on and just carry a little sweater in case it gets chilly that night. I LOVE THE SPRING....except for april showers lol.