Monday, January 12, 2009

True Friends

Friend- one attached to another by respect or affection, one who one knows, likes and trust. Many people use the term friend too freely. I think people confuse acquaintances for friends. Friends are supposed to be someone real close to you. If you have more friends then you can count on both hands than you might need to re-evaluate the meaning of the word friend.

Hov said it best "you never know who your true friends are til yall both got a lil bit of money. I mean cuz yall both broke there is no strain on the relationship, yall both broke. And if you got money and he aint got no paper, he still need you so you never know how he feel about you. When yall both get some paper you'll see." Basically he saying niggas only wanna be around when they can use you as a crutch. But I feel that's only fake people, real people stay around even after they get on there feet so maybe one day they could be your crutch. The circle that you call friends, are the just around to use you as a crutch or would they help you when your down too.


JOFre$h said...

I might have like 5 real friends I can count on whenever I need them b, you are definitely one of the 5. Life is so crazy, people don't understand the value of loyalty and friendship life is crazy like that.

Che Che said...

i agree people do use the term "friends" too loosely. i personally have a 3 real friends that i know has my back thru thick and thin and vice versa. but on the other hand i have other friends that i can count on in different situations and who i kno i care about and they the same. but in the end just because i speak to someone doesnt mean i will call u my friend. i may refer to someone as someone i kno lol.