Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sickness doesnt discriminate

A person who cared so much in an environment where so many didn't. She fought to get through to kids that have already gave up on themselves. She could have did the bare minimum to get by and make a living but this woman takes pride in helping others.

Ms. Dollinger is the meaning of a counselor. She wanted every child that she worked with to make it thru life. No matter the route they chose. Rather you wanted to be a brain surgeon or a blue collar worker, she just wants us to be the best we could possibly be. My 1st three years of high school we were just on a counselor, student basis. As senior year came she stressed to me that I'm 18 and need to start thinking like a man. She would tell me just because I only got a few classes left and I'm definitely graduating doesn't mean I should be celebrating, because life only gets harder. Instead of going home after my 3 periods of classes I began just speaking with her after I was done classes. At one point there was about 10 of her kids that would be trying 2 stuff themselves in her 5x7 office on a daily basis. We all wanted to be around her because its hard to find someone in our skool system who worked to help everyone instead of just those who were already excelling.

Its impossible to think of all the people she has touched in her lifetime. With a heart that big and smile that bright I'm sure her counseling stepped beyond the job. Even to this day I would randomly stop in Canarsie to surprise her wit my presence. We would talk for about a hour in between her running around with her busy job. It would seem like I was 18 all over. Only difference is she changed from my counselor to my life coach. Words can't express how much respect I have for this woman. She definitely is one of a kind. And its sad that I hear her health is failing. I pray for the best but we all gotta answer when the lord is calling.


JOFre$h said...

Real talk. When you find a genuwine person in this world you need to let them know that they are appreciated and mean a lot to you. Joe definitely said it best, definitely have to answer when he calls.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh I love Ms. Dollinger she was my counselor as well. She used to push me so much to be better in life and make sure everything made sense with each action i do in my life. I can't believe she's sick. I will keep her in my prayers as well.