Monday, February 21, 2011

Riche Threads Clothing

Im finally back on the blog-world. this time in here to stay. not here for social networking here to speak my mind to the world or just to relieve my mind. @ the same time i will bring forth some great topics in the future. 2day im gonna just leave you with a website to check out for new urban clothing line that i have partnership in. RICHETHREADS.WEEBLY.COM............. check it out leave some feedback

Thursday, August 27, 2009


for those of you who look forward to seeing me post something daily on the blog i will promise to give you 3-4 blogs a week i gotta step it up and get these thoughts out of my head. i miss blogging. it was a kind of therapy. once i finish writing a new blog i would always feel relief..... lately i been missing that and plenty of things went down this summer that i have to discuss so stay tooned

Thursday, August 6, 2009


party of the summer popping off this saturday holla @ me for more info


This is something that I can definitely say I'm not used to. my car was hit in a accident by some jackass who ran the stop sign. one mental lapse by him is altering my life at least for the next couple of weeks to come maybe longer. I don't have any way to get around. ever since I was 18 I always had some means of transportation. Being that I am used to jumping in my car to go wherever I please whenever I want to i refuse to get around via public transportation besides for work. Its been rough lately especially with the fact that I got the party coming up this weekend, my promotion is being limited to the internet and blackberry usage only. Anyway cant cry over spoiled milk, but I must say you realize how important something is until you lose it. All these years I been taking driving for granted now I don't have the car and could see how much it sucks. But on a good note by the time I get the lex buggy back she should be looking way prettier than she did before she got hit :-D cant wait.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

wish list

-Nice big crib wit the picket fence 4 me kew and kay ( maybe have my brothers as
-hit the lotto
- be able 2 take care of moms & fam
- vacations 2 foreign islands ( some wit the homies, some wit boo)
- to not have 2 wake up 430 every morning
-own multiple properties
- own a business wit a promising profit (preferably in my parents' hometown)
-Harley chopper
-CLS 500

- 2 comfront some of major organizations and government about many unfair things
based on race.
-stop america from being so sensitive.
- my brother and his family to live closer to me
- maybe a few pieces of jewelry I been wanting for about 2 years
- meet Barack Obama
- attend a superbowl or playoff game with the cowboys playing
- last but not least am escape from all the bs of my past

there is a lot more but it all cant come to me at the moment maybe in a few i will update this one.....


I been thinking about blogging but just haven't actually sat down and wrote
suttin. I guess the fact that I haven't wrote anything lately made me realize
that I actually have a good amount of people that follow my shit. Couple of the
homies been asking "wats up with the blogs? You didn't post nuttin in over a
month". I guess its a mix between getting some shit 2gether in my life, getting
ready for summer and the tight schedule of work, family and quality time with
the lil monster and mama. So its not that I haven't wanted 2 write cuz I get
ideas all day..... So wit no further ado your boy webb is back @ it, imma hit
the ground running. Hit yall wit another one every other day sorta like Lil
Wayne was dropping freestyles in the summer of 07.

There are a couple of topics that emerged recently that Imma talk about but
instead of yall reading and closing the page I actually wanna kno how yall feel
about em because, the writing is therapy 2 me but I also wanna kno what yall
think too.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fake is the new Real

Fake is the new real. I have been hearing this over and over for the past few years but now I'm finally starting to believe it. From the music, to the club to even real life. I know all these dudes on the big screen don't got it as good as they make it seem. Even ordinary people when they go out on the scene rather it be a party or just a crowded gathering some of the funniest shit goes down. I just sit back and listen to what people have 2 rather I believe it or not, I don't think its my job to call everyones bluff. But some of these clowns will lie there ass off to empress a girl. Talking bout all the $ they got and shit the got. These be the same dudes that won't go to the club unless they get in free, get drinks when there mans cop a bottle and wanna hang around you at the end of the party to bum a ride home.
I don't see what the point in fronting for general population when not matter what you tell the world the person that matters the most (you) knows your full of it. I never waste my time amping myself up 2 other people, there is two reasons why. First off idc what others think of me, and all lying does is put pressure on you to keep up with those lies. I think this summer imma take the job of calling people bluff cuz enough is enuff lol.