Sunday, January 25, 2009

R.I.P. SGT Watt

As the days past you would think the pain endured with the loss of my homie would lighten up some. Nah, dats how real my nigga was that I still feel like its a dream and he gonna show up one day. It seems like this is gonna be stuck in my mind until my clock stops.
When I first met the homie Kim at the age of like 12 I was ready 2 kick his ass. Part of that is because he reminded me so much of myself with the teasing and sense of humor. Henz introduced to him on the block, 1st thing out his mouth was " who is this lil nigga henry, get him off my block". In my mind I'm like is this punk ass kid serious. So I tell Henz me and my boy bout 2slap him. Henz say that just how he is, he joking but he don't know when not to. As the years went by I started 2 realize more and more just how much of a big kid he really was. There were numerous times we almost had 2 fight because he would be fucking with sum1 that didn't want to joke around. We played so much endless days of sports between basketball, football and street baseball.Its like me, henz, kim and the homie yannick were destined 2 be kicking it until we was old and grey.

Now when I go 2 the block its just me and henz.

I feel like we was robbed of a fun filled future due to his untimely death. I can say that I don't regret any of the time we spent 2gether. Also I am happy that we shared a mutual respect where we could let each other know how much we cared about each other without worrying about being a macho loser. All I can say is words can express the emptiness I feel when I think of my homie. I got him tatted on my back, and I wear my American flag hard hat everyday @ work with his name inside in his memory. June 3rd 2007 is official the turning point and worst day I experienced. Homie you will never be forgotten, we love you and miss you SGT. Kimel Watt, see you on the other side ;-(.

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