Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fork in the Road

The construction industry can be a beautiful thing in the sense that no one person is your boss. You control your own destiny. As long as you come to work everyday and do your shit you will keep your job as long as there is work. I always wanted to join this trade, but I wanted to be on the cleaner side of the work. Right now I do rough construction, my dream coming in was always to do the finish work. Why do you ask, its not because its easier. The reason for wanting to do the finish work is there is more opportunity to make extra cash, and add more years to my career (less wear & tear on the body). Anyone that tries hard enough can do rough construction such as put up sheetrock, doing sub floors etc. It takes a skilled person to do the trim work, laying tiles, crown molding etc. The option of having the skills to do these things can make one very valuable.

With all that being said knowing that I said my dream was to become a skilled carpenter should I settle for less. I have some sort of job security with my company because they have years of work lined up. But if your not 100% happy what exactly does the job security mean. Sometimes I feel like I should find a escape from my company and flap my wings elsewhere, because I feel like a caged bird sometimes. With the economy being messed up and my daughter on the way I fear trying to move on then have to spend a couple of months or weeks on the out of work list. What would you do?

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JOFre$h said...

Follow that dream my man but remember the consequences, if you fall flat alteast you tried but if you succeed then you can say that you tried. I would follow my heart If I was you b, if your not completely happy then you gotta do what you have to remain happy. No worse feeling than going to work everyday and hating your job, because than the work will suffer.