Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young lives lost

A random convo with my mom.

After the tragic death of my homie Kenny, knowing I just went thru the most tough time of my life a few months back losing my best friend Kim, she says " I don't kno how yall kids do it"

Me: "do what"
Mom: " go on with yall life after losing so many friends at such a yound age, I am almost 60 and you lost more friends already than I did"
Me: " I don't kno how either, but its something we just do cuz we have 2"
Mom: " I thought u would never bounce back after losing your best friend Kim"
Me " I don't think I did and may never bounce back, I still get sad like its brand new news 2 me, but I just found a way 2 hide the pain"

By the age of 22 I have lost 3 real close friends under the age of 25. What direction is the world going if everyday you read the paper another young black male is lost. Life is crazy here 2day gone 2moro, cherish it while you can.


JOFre$h said...

"You gotta answer when the lord Calling" Kim Loves thru all of us b

Webb-the-man said...

You defintely right. All the crying and praying can't turn back the hands of time