Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life comes at us so fast

After you graduate H.S. life finally starts. No1 is gonna baby you anymore. You gotta pick your path in life right away or your already falling being in the rat race. The choices you are forced 2 face is school/ trade or work, stay home or move out, follow your friends or be an individual, it all comes at you so fast.

Let's start with the fairy tale that the school system forces into your mind from pre-k all the way through 12th grade. They tell you if you do good in school and go on to college, get your degree then you will be set right. They say u will be guaranteed a good paying job and live a good life. Well they don't tell you that's only if your in the medical, law or teaching fields, because the rest of those degrees don't promise you anything. All those other degrees don't promise anything but the pride 2 say you got one.

Trade schools/ city jobs are the best thing you can get yourself into if your built for it. No1 tells that lil boy in elementary school that the garbage man makes over a 100k a year. With that being said why do people look down on blue collar jobs if they are higher paying and more technical that majority of other jobs out there. I work with some people who have vacation homes, boats, multiple car collection..... I never heard my teachers speak of nuttin that nice. Use your own mind figure out the best path for you not what everyone else thinks is best for you.

Staying home would have 2 be the best thing for as long as your allowed to. But u might be forced to move sort of like myself. I came to a point in my life where me and my father could no longer live 2gether. Do I regret moving out? NO, but at the same time every time I pay rent I just smh and realize that my life could have been so much easier if my household was different. I can say moving out was a real wake up call. Simple things like waking up on my own, keeping groceries, paying bills on time all becomes a new routine. I am grateful that I am close enough to my mom where if I really need someone to talk to or a helping hand I know she is right there. The older you get the more you understand life and what really matters. I don't think I would trade my life for the world, only thing I could use 2 better my life now is a lil extra ca$h.

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Nardeeka said...

Yes I can really say that life comes at you fast. I remember when we used to walk home from Gersh like it was yesterday. But my father always say that humans have a nature but don't know what it is that's why we are so destructive. A dog's nature is to bark, a cat's to meow, a duck to quack but what is it for us? Once you find that answer, life would be much easier.

I agree in that the school system gives the impression that going into higher education is key to a good life and your right when you say depending on what you study. Another major aspect in being great is who you know. The way I see it is that newtworking is key. Not to take it to a racial standpoint, but as someonme who completed college with an engineering degree in a predominantly white school, these white kids, I should say majority, just go to college because of their parents, get C- and D average and eventually have better jobs than me all because of who they or their parents know.
As for looking down on blue collar jobs, I think that was in the past. Nowadays, more people turn to blue collar jobs than white collar.
Staying home is something that I recommend as well. I have the benefit of staying home only because now I have a child and I am not working but I know the struggles that one can go through. My parents went back to Jamaica so if it wasn't for the kindness of my sisters, I would be more than struggling. However, throughout college, I had to find a way to make ends meet because I was going through it alone.
Anyway, just going off of what you said, make your path be that, your path because if it's not, there will be regrets and that is something that a person should never have, regrets.