Monday, December 22, 2008

No more excses

"When there is a will, there is a way." I am a believer of that to a certain extent. When you put your mind to something and focus on reaching a goal even if it takes you longer than anticipated you still will achieve it. This one is a wake up call 2 all my black people, especially young black males. You can not go through life making excuses for why you can't better yourself, life etc.

We don't like to be harassed by cops, stereotyped or treated different than anyone else. With that being said if you don't want to be labeled as a thug how about you try doing something 2 better yourself. Get off the corners, finish skool, get a job. If what I'm saying now is a foreign language than that means you are a big part of the problem. You have to try to make progress before you simply give up. Instead of saying "aint nobody gonna hire my black ass" you should get your black ass up and search until someone does. I went on interviews for 5 months straight and got denied on every shot. All that did was make me go harder, now god willing I will never need another interview in my life. I can also say I surround myself wit people that are doing just as good or betta than me, or at least are working on a future. Shout out 2 the boy J.O Fre$h hopefully the past weekend change your life 4eva.

Open your eyes Obama is the president in another month. If he had that same attitude he would be sitting on the couch wasting oxygen like the rest yall lazy asses. Instead he had a dream and did everything in his power to achieve it. I'm sure at one point he had that same thought in the back of his mind " ain't nobody gonna make my black ass president", but he still followed his dream. What makes him different than me or you. If he can so can I.

I aint preaching, all I'm saying is come january black ppl got no more excuses 2 cry & complain about the "White Man". If you have no ambition you will go nowhere plain and simple.


Che Che said...

i couldnt agree more. im all for the "if obama can become president, then we should neva have excuses" line but i honestly dont think people shouldve waited for that to happen to stop being lazy. look at all the othe successful black people who came from nothing and made something of themselves by finishing school and staying focused. anyone can do anything they put their mind to, you just cant let the negative thoughts or people influence your decisions.

JOFre$h said...

I agree with che. Honestly our generation is by far the laziest. We've had everything spoon fed to us, it's not like in our parents day when they had to go out and look for jobs or when you wanted to communicate with someone you actually had to pick up a phone, now a person simply signs on to craigslist or sends a text msg. Realistically for our generation to succeed people need to stop admiring these pop stars and drug dealers and admire the real people of thr world. Instead of that source magazine or signing on to media take out pick up a black enterprise or sign on to forbes or I desperately want all of our people to succeed and be the leaders that I know we can bem

Kofi Bofah said...

LOL@ Sitting on the couch wasting oxygen.

Can oxygen really be wasted though?

I am taking in O2 and emitting it as CO2 which I put into a plant that puts O2 back out in photosynthesis.

(Just messing with you - I get the point)

I am saying though...