Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Has Fashion Gone 2 Far!!!!!!!

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't skinny jeans supposed to be for women? I mean I know the baggy stage is over that went out wit the new millennium. You can't even walk in the club wit the MC Hammer pants, timbs and XXXL tees or jersey. Now that we got that out of the way close fitted dressing for dudes is the grown & sexy look. The question is why do people confuse skin tight for close fitted.

Everyone is giving Jim Jones credit for the close fitted look but its been around b4 he started testing it out. I will say that he added the hood swag to it, which open the eyes of many of the dudes wearing jeans 4 sizes too big. I remember my H.S days when I had the big jeans and jersey, I thought I would never switch over to close fitted clothes. It wasn't until I started clubbing and mixing wit different crowds that I realized that fitted clothing is popping. Ne way I see a lot of people embracing the look and it definitely is a good look, after u reach a certain age the kid look should be ot the door.
Now as for all these other dudes that I have 2 smfh at I don't know who gives them the ok. Where are u going with SKINNY JEANS. These skin tight jeans u can't even walk in, then try to sag em and have on some big ass sneakers. That shit looks like a clown outfit tight pants and big shoes. I personally feel like that is mad gay. Sometimes when I'm on the train coming home with these highschool kids when I look around the boys pants are tighter then the girls. Like wtf where did we go wrong where are the fashion police. How do these dudes still have a valid hood pass if the walking around looking like girls. Whats next lower back tattoos.
I'm a big fan of fashion and new trends. I don't follow all of the trends that come out because I try to keep my own style, but I still embrace most of the new shit that's out. I feel like it can be 10 years from now and I will never accept what we got going on here wit the dudes shopping in the woman section. What's next a silk blouse to match? My question to you is when does fashion go too far? When are we supposed to draw the line?

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JOFre$h said...

Fashion is wack, thats why I had the same style for like 5 years lol