Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally im done!!!!!!

I'm finally done wit all the stress of planning a baby shower. I put in mad hours @ work 2 get some extra money of the side 2 make sure everything came out as planned. Many of arguments between me and shorty. Driving from store 2 store. On the phone with multiple halls, stores etc. But after all that I can say its all came 2gether and shorty is excited so my job is done. I got help from a bunch of ppl 2 make some food :-) I can't wait. My boy Icey gonna hold me down as always and come play the tunes all night. So only a few days b4 the shower goes down and I will really look in the mirror and realize imma be responsible 4 the lil monster I made. I invited as many ppl as possible I know there are some I left out that are gonna give me the blues but hey if you had all the things on your mind that I do, a lot would skip your mind. Besides this new generation comes 2 baby showers without invitation..

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