Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stalkers :-(

When does attraction go 2 far. When does like turn into love? Love turn into obsession? and Obsession turn into scary or stalking? Over the years I have heard of many cases of stalking male and female. I am also a victim of stalking not a good feeling. It can be very annoying & frustrating, nothing good can come out of this.

There are many different signs of a potential stalker. You can tell if some1 is a stalker even b4 you get 2 the point of breaking it off wit them. If your partner, sex-buddy, or wateva pops up on you they might be a potential stalker. Calls 20x a day might be a potential stalker. Every convo starts with where you @ might be a potential stalker. Do u get where I'm going? Even dat type of stalker is not the worst case.

The new age stalker is wat I call Class-A stalker. This is the type of person who does nething to find out a piece of information about you. They check the infamous myspace and facebook daily. Going thru messages, photo albums, comments, friends list etc. (This is why I personally don't use these websites much and are 2 soon be deleted, but dats a whole other blog in the future). Class-A stalkers become friends with your close friends just to find out information, check your away messages, do research on your current relationship. We could go on with the list of things they do 2 pry into your life, but I'm sure there are many things they do that I could never think of because I don't have the mind of a psycho.

My question is this: Wat do you get out of stalking someone? Why follow a person's every move when they don't pay you any mind? Does stalking bring you pleasure or just cause you more pain knowing that your on the outside looking in? And the most important question is "Where is your pride?" Let me get some feedback. Stalkers feel free 2 respond 2....


JOFre$h said...

for some its not easy to shake their feelings and they can't leave you alone. Stalkers are def wack, I have a chick who has been stalking me since 05 :-(

Webb-the-man said...

I had a few in my days... I don't know if I shook em completely or not but at least they don't hit me up ne more