Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The struggles men take on with a new relationship

Sometimes I listen 2 women and I wonder if they understand themselves. Its like you treat them bad they hate you.... Its like its a lose lose situation. Its obvious y they dog they bad guy, but why does the good guy get treated the same if not worst in some cases. I thinks its a few key points, insecurity, past relationships which I personally call the Ex- factor, the guys homies he hangs out wit and all boyfriend's worst enemy that hater ass girlfriend.

-Insecurity: its like woman know exactly what kinda guy they want and what it takes 2 get him. With that being said why is that when you find Mr. Right instead of letting him show you the good guy he is, you rather hold back your feelings 2 see if he will turn into Mr. Wrong. Accusing him of cheating, lying and so forth just because he seems so right that something has 2 be wrong. With that chain of thought in the long run the only thing that's wrong is you. Your wrong for not giving yourself the opportunity 2 fall for the person who is trying his best 2 make you happy. If the insecurity doesn't break down, either the man will get tired of proving himself, or you will be tired of feeling unsure.

- Ex- Factor: this issue is very serious the 1st question is are you over your ex. If not then you should even go back or take some more alone time before you hurt the next. If you are over the ex then don't treat the current partner as if he is your ex. Don't think he is a cheater because yoyour ex was or that he gonna do some of the same things. Once u start comparing him 2 your ex, saying things like " my ex used 2 do this, or that" the perfect response is I'm not your ex. You have 2 give the current man a chance 2 prove himself, if he is worth yoyour time or not while show in due time due 2 his actions.

The homies- when you hang out with a few bad apples your shorty will say your just like them. Now how bout when u hang out with a group of positive dudes that are respectful and do the right thing, will you be rewarded.... I highly doubt it. I rest my case!!!!!!!!

Hating girlfriends- this is the worst enemy for any male. He not only has 2 fight with his girl now he has 2 fight off a flock of angry women. Its the girlfriend who mad cuz she not cute and no1 holla @ her. Then you got the girl who can't get a man. Or the girl who just lost her man. All of them aint gonna be happy til there girl is unhappy just like them.........

The moral of the story is if you love your man and you want it 2 work the only thing you need 2 focus on is him and the effort he puts into what you are tying 2 build 2gether.


JOFre$h said...

great first blog. Woman fail to realize that there are good men out there and we're not all dogs.

B4 Bentley said...

You don't what u have till its gone. However most woman feel unappreciated even though the man may feel like he is doin his damn best I'm forced to ask r u sure? I know there r good guys out there but are they patient. Every1 has issues but is he willing to work on them together or use it as a valid reason to let go. You can go in2 a relationship with feelins for the ex as long as u r honest and the other is patient eventually u focus on what u have n front of u and realize y it didn't work b4. Honesty and patience are these qualities the good guys have?