Sunday, December 21, 2008

Women's issues while searching 4 a man

It was requested now here it is. Women's many issues while searching for a man. I guess # 1 on every woman's list would be trust but that's not where it stops. They have guys who treat EVERY girl like a hoe, then they have 2 compete wit the baby moms. The ex-factor, following the playa friend, scared of commitement. Will they switch up? All of this a woman is faced with just to find "Love"

-Trust: trust is not something that is given, it has to be earned. If your man is doing everything possible 2 make you happy you have to have as much trust as possible but not 100%.... 99.9 is good enuff. You can't say he is a playa bcuz his friends are, unless you don't want him to have ne friends. Out of a group of 10 guys at least 5 are playas so give your man the benefit of the doubt until he hangs himself.

-Hoes: some guys treat EVERY girl they meet like a hoe. Most of the time its is obvious from when you 1st meet a dude that he has no respect for females. Being a guy I must say that I'm not disrespectful, but in some cases I don't knock SOME dudes for this attitude. If you don't respect yourself why should I . But dats another story, the point is we have 2 take more time 2 fish out the good from the bad. There are plenty of good women out there who deserve the love and affection they looking for. ( Stop shaking your head yes women lol, cuz some want a trophy man and they sure aint a trophy wife.)

Baby Moms- when you take on a new guy that has a kid you MUST know 90% of the time the baby moms is crazy. Lol. Even if she isn't the biggest psycho out there she is more than likely not gonna be happy about him moving on because he was "HERS". Either she gonna still want him or just simply want him to be unhappy so will do anything to fuck up his future relationships.

The ex-factor plays a big part in the man moving on. If the man got his feelings hurt in his break up it definitely WILL show up in the next relationship. Men don't do 2 well wit getting there feelings hurt. Also if his ex isn't over him, you will know because she won't show any respect for the new relationship he is involved in. That might sound bad ladies but in a weird way that's good if she pisses him off. Once she does he will start to push her away even more, even on a friend level.... Have some patience. The only thing I can say about the ex is let the man handle his past just as he should let u handle yours. ( That was a waste of very useful information because every girl feels like they MUST say suttin to "that B*TCH") LOL women are so crazy

Friends- some dudes feel like they must impress there friends. They as far are cheating to show they still got it. Or the worst thing I ever saw is a case where a guy was like "dats not my girl just some chick I F wit". This dude wifed the girl and still couldn't just tell his mans she was even his shorty. He was more worried about looking like a pimp.I just feel dudes should keep it real if you in love nigga so what, u worried bout wat ur boys gonna say. Smh. Are u gay?

The last problem that women are faced wit is the guy that is scared of commitment. This is the dude that will say I wanna be with you, I love you etc. But when he feels u are getting too attached he pulls away from the relationship. He starts off looking like a hero then after time passes goes right back to being a zero.

So there u have it ladies I got the guys back too. But you still have to meet every man and judge then as a individual instead of lableling them as a "MAN". Or saying "all men are dogs and blah blah". If that's how you truly feel then cross the street you won't be the 1st and definitely won't be the last.


JOFre$h said...

Great Blog.

Anonymous said...

You ain't lyin'--especially about the Ex-factor part. MOSTLY about the ex-factor part. But due to all these issues I feel like, no matter what, ppl have to go into any and every relationship and take a "risk". There's always that extra .1% involved in your 99.9%, there's the girls that meet the dudes who treat everyone as a hoe because they tend to generalize females, there's the baby moms (but there's also the Child's mother..which I like to be referred are for the non-crazies such as myself--u know that extra 10%), and the ex-factor, need i say ugh! Stupid chicks who mess it up for the rest of us and the dudes are still so caught up.
The friends part I don't care much for. I'm not trying to make my man's friends my ace-boon-coon, but it is what it is, I gotta give my dude his time. He just gotta know what to do with it. It's a chain reaction...each of these issues directly relates to the next. Well posted kidd.

One bad apple spoils the bunch. Sooo i guess I'm a peach!

Kofi Bofah said...

90% of baby moms = Crazy.

That was my takeaway.