Friday, December 5, 2008

Controlling your life!!!! What would you change?

Life is not a straight line, it has its ups and downs. On the bumpy road called life there are many things that we wish we could prevent, changed, alter etc. I know when some1 dies every wishes they could rewind time and make it all better. Some ppl wanna rewind 2 fix relationships. How bout those who wanna fast forward there life. I'm sure pregnant women would love 2 fast forward there pregnancy. I have a few things in my past I wish I could change but I respect life enough 2 know that not everything goes as planned. The strongest people are not those who got the easy route 2 success, it is those who can overcome bad decisions, tragedies or whatever comes there way. How many things in your past do you wish you could change? Do you have regrets? Or are you satisfied with all the decisions you made in your past?


JOFre$h said...

I honestly wouldnt change anything because if you went back and changed certain things it wouldnt make you the person you are today

JOY said...

Life would be so boring if it was too easy.Nothing to talk about, nothing to learn from...booring! I appreciate all the mistakes I made , I learn from them and they make me, me!