Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday should have started out as a great day with my daughter turning 2 months but the day was everything except great. As I wake up running a lil late and feeling depressed about some current events I jump into my work clothes hop in the lex only 2 realize I have a flat. Now I have 2 take the car back and hop in my moms whip. Off 2 work where I great the boss wit a hello only 2 find out he like he too like every1 else is in a bad mood. So 645 am I'm listening 2 a grown man complaining more than a bitch. Anyway I ignore it and go off to work. I proceed 2 bust my ass just like I do everyday but now its a lil more because layoffs is at an all time high and I need my job more than I ever did before. Towards the end ot the work day I get bust in the forhead by a piece of steel not only did it leave a mark it hurt like hell and bust open. So now the rest of the day I have a migrane.

After I get through the day at work I'm thinking I'm home bound 2 a stress free environment and I could kick back. Boy was I wrong before I got home I had 2 kick out a couple of hundred dollars 2 pay bills and get not only 1 but 2 tires for the lex buggy. Now I reach home only 2 be alarmed that I had trouble coming my way. I had nothing to do with it but somehow got stuck right in the middle. I really didn't get 2 upset because I have way bigger fish 2 fry than that situation but it was distrubing 2 even have 2 deal with it. During the time of all this taking place I'm in the midst of trying 2 read a real personal letter from my boy that grew up with me and lived right across the street. He is in florida locked up and is not sure when he is gonna be coming home. All this in one day can I say its all 2 much bs stuffed in the short period of 24 hrs.

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