Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We are getting close to old time like when we were in the 1930's. 100's of thousands of people are out of work, major businesses are closing down, home owners are losing there homes. Times are getting rough out here. I
I was watching the news the other day only 2 hear them talking about a job availability. There was a janitor job opening, just 1 job 730 people applied for it. Its crazy that many people showed up for one job opening.
During a time like this you can separate the strong from the weak. People are going crazy because of this crisis. I admit it got worst than I thought it would but imma hustler at heart either way imma be alright. Some people were either so comfortable with there perfect life that they can't adjust to the struggle. Some are getting desperate and committing crimes while others are willing to commit suicide. About two months ago I read a article about a father that took the life of his 6 kids all under age 11, his wife and last he killed himself. He left a note saying him & his wife had been laid off and can't afford to make it, so instead of letting his family be " a burden on someone else" he will take there lives first. That might be one of the most extreme cases but it goes to show you how far this economic situation has gone.
America has all the control and all the resources we need to never be in this situation right now. This crisis goes to show you how important a vote is, the wrong person in control ( Bush) and look what can happen. When Clinton left office we had a surplus of money, two terms later after Bush ruined the country we are in a recession. Hopefully Obama can help turn this around before I am another victim of the recession. What would you do if you had a job for years, house, car etc and you were losing all of it how would you react. Idk what I would do but I would have to try everything in my power before it got that far.

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