Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday started off as a regular day. I went to work, worked hard, treated myself 2 a meal at the diner for lunch. After work I rushed home 2 pick up my lil angel who was all dressed up 4 her daddy's bday. Well I take her home with me 2 go get dressed and get ready for a date wit mama bear. After about 2 hours I pick up kew go to the cheesecake factory 2 shovel down some chicken alfredo. During the time of our date she managed 2 call up my brother and a few of my closest friends 2 suprise me @ dave and busters. We played a few games along with a few drinks and the night was great. Also thanks to all my friends that called, texted, emailed,or hit me up on facebook or myspace. I can say whether or not I live to see another my 24th bday was great.

the massacre aka J.O Levis

trying 2 cheat
my son flava flav trying to steal kew kew

the homies


JOFre$h said...

cmon b you gotta post the pics the people want to see.

Kew Kew said...

Yes we have the perfect pic of J.O to post lmao

JOFre$h said...