Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blink of an Eye

Life is a beautiful thing but you gotta chersh it before you know it your life can be changed for good, rather for bad or for worst. Anyday you can hit your highest point or your lowest point you never know what life has is store for you that's why all you can do is ride the wave and appreciate the time you spend here. Imma give you a couple of situations to show you how flexible life is.

You could play the lotto, wake up the next morning and be a millionare. Everyday someone somewhere hits the lottery and gets that blessing of a helping hand. Does hitting the lotto end all of your problems? No but like Fab said " money can't buy happiness but its a damn good down payment". In other worst money can be used as jumper cables to get your life going in the direction you want but its up to you to make yourself happy and keep it that way.
Any day you can wake up, put your clothes on lace up your shoes, kiss the family tell em lata and that can be your last kiss. You can be going to work and get run down like that Asian woman did last week :-/. I'm sure her family KNEW she would be coming home that day. That's why I try not 2 be on bad terms with my loves ones because you never know what could happen. You down don't want to wish you could apologize and make ways right wit some1 who is no longer with us.
You can be down and out not knowing where your life is gonna end up and then suddenly everything change. At one point I was super depressed, going to college & working two jobs without the moral support or guidance to help me better my situation. I would always say if I can just get a career I would cherish it, not knowing that me going to my brother's orientation with kids from his old high school would be the day to change my life. I met the nicest woman Diane Springer who dedicates her time to placing hs kids in a promising career. That quick my life switched from being stressed with no direction to doing anything and everything to make sure I capitalize on my new opportunity.
Your friends can also be a negative force if you allow them to be. I grew up in ENY you meet all kinds of people in my hood from the roughest hood nigga to the smartest computer wiz. By the time I was in jhs I had a circle of friends that smoked daily and was in a gang, it was @ this time that I realized why hang out with them if we have nothing common. I never been a follower so I cut that crowd right out. I got friends from that side that have college degrees and are a stand out compared to the rest, my homie Jerry is proof that no matter where you come from you can have class and blend in with any crowd of people. The reason behind that is because he has a mind of his own and knows that just because you might be successful with your life of crime doesn't mean that he will strive on hope.
Last but not least is the influence of the drugs...... Liquor, weed etc....... There is a limit to anything, or should I say too much of anything is considered a habit. Alcohol could be used during your leisure time and can be a beautiful thing lol. A lil bit of wavy juice on homie night, the club a sports event makes the situation even better. On the other hand you have the down side of the drugs, this is
when bad decisions are made. Some people make some of the worst decisions while under the influence some include fighting, sex driving etc. Thank god for looking over my homie Shari that her & her homies survived after being hit by a drunk driver :-D. You don't wanna do anything you would regret or that could changed your life instantly so you gotta control your vices. All I can say is do what you feel is right & avoid ad getting into trouble......


JOFre$h said...

good ish as usual.

Che Che said...

love the post. it goes with the saying "treat everyday as if its your last"

Shari said...

Good blog buddy, didnt even kno u dropped me a little line in it ;-)