Thursday, March 12, 2009

NY is overpopulated

New York is the center of the world. This small city is a tourist attraction not only to Americans but to people all over the world. As I wake up to go to work 5 am in the morning you would think the roads are mainly clear and calm, no way. The streets are already polluted with people.

Ny is a beautiful city in some ways, you could go to a store anytime @ night and get whatever it is that you want. You could hit manhattan anytime of day or night and enjoy the city life rather its early day shopping or the night life. The best thing about the city is its so diverse, not only do ppl come from all over america they come from all over the world.. You can meet someone from every corner of the world in NY, the reason being is NY is the land of opportunity. The chance of finding a career opportunity is very high but is the price you pay worth it. There is no such thing as privacy in NYC, you gotta be deep in long island or upstate. There is a camera on every other street in manhattan. In bk & queens they are slapping houses in every corner, the city building condos after condos. If ny is already over populated imagine how bad it will be in 10 years time. Me personally idk if I will be here long enough to experience it. I am gonna pack up & head south when I get my money right. I know imma get heat from all you NYC lovers but I had this mind frame since about 16 years old. I guess its that country blood I got that drives me to want house with a lot of land , and personal space for me and my family. Is NY your final destination?


JOFre$h said...

save a spot for me, I'm out this bitch once I get situated.

Che Che said...

I can understand where your coming from but I sort of got the taste of the south and I dont think its right for me right now. Im actually looking forward to moving back to NY, but this attitude may change once Im into my career and Im starting to build my family