Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fake is the new Real

Fake is the new real. I have been hearing this over and over for the past few years but now I'm finally starting to believe it. From the music, to the club to even real life. I know all these dudes on the big screen don't got it as good as they make it seem. Even ordinary people when they go out on the scene rather it be a party or just a crowded gathering some of the funniest shit goes down. I just sit back and listen to what people have 2 rather I believe it or not, I don't think its my job to call everyones bluff. But some of these clowns will lie there ass off to empress a girl. Talking bout all the $ they got and shit the got. These be the same dudes that won't go to the club unless they get in free, get drinks when there mans cop a bottle and wanna hang around you at the end of the party to bum a ride home.
I don't see what the point in fronting for general population when not matter what you tell the world the person that matters the most (you) knows your full of it. I never waste my time amping myself up 2 other people, there is two reasons why. First off idc what others think of me, and all lying does is put pressure on you to keep up with those lies. I think this summer imma take the job of calling people bluff cuz enough is enuff lol.

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