Tuesday, April 14, 2009

males that act like females.... my patience saved my job :-D

I start to wonder more and more everyday what's up with dudes acting like birches. I mean I'm not the toughest dude out there but some dudes are so petty and annoying, the have many characteristics of females. I am grateful that my snappy angry temper from my teenage years is under control. This morning I go 2 work in a good mood 2 only get pissed off as soon as I made it to work. I will have to explain the history of the issue for you to fully understand why I got frustrated, and even more mad that I didn't respond, it took so much not to respond.
I walk into work 640 this morning to grab my hard-hat and head upstairs 2 work. I say morning to everyone or for this Homo foreman to say "good evening", implying that I'm late. Mind you union rules state we don't have 2 be on the job until 655. Anyway I smirk grab my hard hat and walk upstairs, knowing I wanted 2 say goodnight in return just 2 be a dick. This is only my second day on this job site and I'm only supposed to be here for a few days until I go back 2 my old boss. You would think this dick head would just relax himself until I leave. Anyway the beef that we have with each other stems back from over a year ago. I was one of maybe 10 apprentices on his 1st job as a foreman. He tried to play this tough guy boss and put fear in everyone, but I mean let's get serious wft would I be nervous for. The only thing he has the power to do is lay me off and with all the work I do and am capable of doing I don't fear that. I do my job everyday and could find a job in a day. Anyway as he realized that he couldn't make me uncomfortable like he could some of the other apprentices he began to dislike me. I don't really give a fuck as long as my check is there on thursdays. So that's why I can smirk at his bitch ass when he talk shit. In my mind all I'm thinking is cha-ching$$$$$$.

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JOFre$h said...

faggot shit runs deep plenty of those at my job. Just bite my tongue and collect my check.