Sunday, June 7, 2009


I been thinking about blogging but just haven't actually sat down and wrote
suttin. I guess the fact that I haven't wrote anything lately made me realize
that I actually have a good amount of people that follow my shit. Couple of the
homies been asking "wats up with the blogs? You didn't post nuttin in over a
month". I guess its a mix between getting some shit 2gether in my life, getting
ready for summer and the tight schedule of work, family and quality time with
the lil monster and mama. So its not that I haven't wanted 2 write cuz I get
ideas all day..... So wit no further ado your boy webb is back @ it, imma hit
the ground running. Hit yall wit another one every other day sorta like Lil
Wayne was dropping freestyles in the summer of 07.

There are a couple of topics that emerged recently that Imma talk about but
instead of yall reading and closing the page I actually wanna kno how yall feel
about em because, the writing is therapy 2 me but I also wanna kno what yall
think too.

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