Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Rage

Road rage is very funny to me. It is crazy how about 80% of drivers possess this "illness" but maybe only 15-20% will admit that they have road rage. What is it that makes everyone so angry during driving. Is it that they really have someplace to be in a hurry or is there lifestyle so fast paced that anything that slows them up frutrates them.
I can't realy criticize people that suffer from road rage because I am also a victim of it. I mainly have hate for cab drivers and dollar vans, I don't understand how these ppl drive for a living and still can't drive for shit. But not as bad as some people I have been riding with. I kno people that if they get cut off will speed up and chase the car down, the funniest part is its just 2 give the other driver a mean mug. What about those that start cursing and screaming at the driver, mind you its the middle of winter and all the windows are up, lol what are you yelling 4. What about the person who will tailgate the car that cuts them off, or the person that will cut u off and slow down in front of you. The cops are notorious for cutting someone off then driving 15 miles per hour in front of you, make me wanna just beep the horn or cross the F-ing line.......
The thing I leaned about road rage is you can't tell who has it until they are behind the wheel. They can be the coolest, calmest person outside the care but a crazy mothafucka behind the wheel. As cool and calm as my mom is even she has a slight bit of road rage in her, it is the funniest thing to me to see her get mad.
I could go on for days about different things that piss ppl off and there reaction to it. But I rather some of yall tell me bout your expereinces.

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ShAy~SHaY said...

I dont have road rage....well not yet anyway. But I have experienced people with crazy road rage and I just find it so funny lol