Monday, April 13, 2009

Dinning out

Have you ever been somewhere where you ordered food from and then all the sudden you got second thoughts. What could it have been that made you change your mind about the food that you were craving so badly that could make you suddenly have a change of heart. Is it the food, the chef, the cleanliness of the restaurant/ place. It doesn't take much to make me have a change of hear about something I order, once I feel any type of way I rather wait til I get home to eat or check another spot.
The Food- have you ever ordered a steak well done and it come back rare as hell. In this situation what do you do, I know me I will push that to the side and order something else, I will never send that back to get cooked some more.(NO WAY). They not gonna take my food 2 the back and give me the special. I rather eat nuttin then get back a special. So if you got any complaints about your meal please wait til after I get my food :-).
The server- I know you have been someplace ordering food before and you can see the person preparing the food. If you see them looking a lil suspect wouldnt u have a change of heart. I have saw a dude at a philly cheese steak spot making the phillies and he was hot as hell because he is standing over the fire. Next thing I know he is sweating right over the food. I was like wtf suddenly my stomach was full because I for dame sure wasn't eating that. What about the places you go 2 order food, and they are super clean, everyone wears gloves to prepare your food and all. All the sudden you realize when you pay the man he doesn't take the glove off 2 count the money and return your change, then wtf is the purpose of the glove.
I don't know about you guys but I know whenever I eat from somewhere if possible I try my best to scope out everything from he kitchen, to the chef, to the waiter to ensure I'm getting decent service.

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ShAy~SHaY said...

Lmao this is soooo true. I think I became even more aware after working as a health inspector this summer. I seen the nastiest things and it makes me question everything now when I go out to eat.