Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I would have to say that I am misunderstood by so many people that it isn't funny. I think out of ALL the friends and family that I have only 10 or less people completely understand me. When I say understand I mean fully get me, not people that I can get along with. I mean people that understand my point of view majority of the time, even when they disagree they still know where I'm coming from and even can predict the response they would get from me.
I hear some people tell me you Webb you stay spazzing, or are u aight. I am always good, if you really know me you would know that there is not much that can really bother me because I plan so far ahead that I'm think I got shit all together. I admit to some people I might come off as having a aggressive or snappy attitude but I take it as I don't have the time to be snappy wit anyone. If I don't like someone I would simply ignore them instead of going through a back and forth arguing match.
I feel that I am one of the realist niggas you could meet simply cuz I say what I feel and mean what I say. But I guess at the same time this is what can turn some people off because they can't handle the truth, the rather the friend that tells them everything they wanna hear. If someone only tells you shit you wanna hear 9 times out of 10 they are not your friend, they just playing the role. So I say take me as I am or don't fuck wit me.


JOFre$h said...

good shit..You need to start promoting more your blog is good.

Kew Kew said...

Hire me !!! ill be ur promoter lol.. Nice Blog