Thursday, February 5, 2009

Current Mood

Lately I been happy. When I get angry or depressed I can look @ my phone and see a picture of my daughter that is enuff 2 make me smile. She is so tiny but plays such a big role in my life already. Thanks to everyone that sent text, ims, fb messaes etc. All the love and prayers were necessary..... On another note I can't really complain to mch right bot now, a lot of ppl don't have a consistent form of income in this recession and I'm able 2 go out and grind everyday, I must say that's a blessing..... I just had my brother in town for about a week wit his family eventhough I was occupied half the time they were here I still enjoyed there stay. I been out wit the homies lately a few times lately, and I hope that continues niggas gotta stick close. I'm kinda mad bout this basketball tourny that I been playing in but thats another story. I got my v-day party coming up next friday in guest house, a lot is going on right now. I must say this blog is more like a cluster of ideas but I haven't been on in a minute and just had a lot of things on my mind. I'm on my blog grind again sorry for the time off.......

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