Thursday, February 12, 2009

Benji (my dog)

Yesterday I come home to see that my dog is sick. He threw up a few times and is not getting up. My first thought was maybe he ate suttin that make him sick, until I realized he isn't responding very well and when he actually does its very delayed and he looks weak as he stands. I didn't know if its just yesterday or if his time is coming. Since day one with that dog he has always been very playful and full of life, so its weird to see him down & out.
As me and my mom spoke about it we came to realize that we found him when I was only 11 or 12 years old... That would make him 12 when you turn that into dog years he is like 84. In my mind I feel he will be fine but I never saw him like that before so it makes me feel like his clock might be ticking. If it is that time where his life is winding down I won't watch him suffer. I rather let him go and remember the good days.
With pets the cycle of life is always hard. You bring this animal into your home/life/family, its almost like raising another child. The life expentancy is only but so long so you must got thru the crushing reality that eventually they will leave us. My last dog lived 18 human years and we had to put her down. 18 years of having the same dog is a blessing but only made it hurt that much more when she was losing her life. That is sort of how I feel about my lil homie..... I cried 2 keep him, someone left him tied to my gate as a puppy, but my mom didn't want to keep him @ first. After all my crying my mom let me keep him and we fell in love wit him ever since. I think whether or not we have 2 put him 2 sleep now or years 2 come he will be my last dog. I see why they call them a mans best friend. They are loyal and always by our side.
We took him to the animal hospital and they said he had inflamtion in his "inner ear" basically his head. This is common in older dogs, its throwing his balance off, making him vomit, and making him lean to 1 side. They Dr. Said 2/3 of them recover from the illness and his case is not as far gone as he has seen in his practice. We had the option to take him home and give him meds or leave him...... I didn't want to bring him home like that so I figured we leave him in the hospital til weekend hopefully he gets better.

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JOFre$h said...

I never had a pet for fear of attachment, Hope your dog gets better man.