Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is something that I can definitely say I'm not used to. my car was hit in a accident by some jackass who ran the stop sign. one mental lapse by him is altering my life at least for the next couple of weeks to come maybe longer. I don't have any way to get around. ever since I was 18 I always had some means of transportation. Being that I am used to jumping in my car to go wherever I please whenever I want to i refuse to get around via public transportation besides for work. Its been rough lately especially with the fact that I got the party coming up this weekend, my promotion is being limited to the internet and blackberry usage only. Anyway cant cry over spoiled milk, but I must say you realize how important something is until you lose it. All these years I been taking driving for granted now I don't have the car and could see how much it sucks. But on a good note by the time I get the lex buggy back she should be looking way prettier than she did before she got hit :-D cant wait.