Sunday, June 7, 2009

wish list

-Nice big crib wit the picket fence 4 me kew and kay ( maybe have my brothers as
-hit the lotto
- be able 2 take care of moms & fam
- vacations 2 foreign islands ( some wit the homies, some wit boo)
- to not have 2 wake up 430 every morning
-own multiple properties
- own a business wit a promising profit (preferably in my parents' hometown)
-Harley chopper
-CLS 500

- 2 comfront some of major organizations and government about many unfair things
based on race.
-stop america from being so sensitive.
- my brother and his family to live closer to me
- maybe a few pieces of jewelry I been wanting for about 2 years
- meet Barack Obama
- attend a superbowl or playoff game with the cowboys playing
- last but not least am escape from all the bs of my past

there is a lot more but it all cant come to me at the moment maybe in a few i will update this one.....

1 comment:

Kew Kew said...

Kay said she's gonna climb over that fence cuz shes unstoppable lol